Why You Should Use Natural Deodorants

It doesn’t matter how much activity you are involved in during the day, we all need to feel fresh all day long.  Body odour for some isn’t pleasant and it is for this reason that we should all see the need to invest in a good quality deodorant. What most people do not realise however is that many processed deodorants can cause a level of harm to your body.

Many deodorants you can purchase these days contain a certain level of aluminum. In fact, you will find that about up to 25% of any deodorant is aluminium. This metal is used to promote dryness as it sucks in moisture very effectively.  Some studies have shown that this same metal has been known to be associated with causing breast cancer in women as it promotes the increase of estrogen levels.

More so, it ends up causing an allergic reaction for most people when it touches their bodies directly. In addition to aluminium, many deodorants contain a level of alcohol that can easily cause harm to the skin. Parabens, which are chemical compounds used in cosmetics as preservatives, also known to be a key ingredient in many shop-bought deodorants which can also contribute to various health issues. With so much potential possible harm why risk these types of deodorants?

Natural deodorants are ones made from organic compounds taken directly from nature. In most cases, these go through very little processing if any.  They remain mainly in their natural compound state apart from being shaped and sized. There is a wide variety of natural deodorants these days consumers can choose from.  One example is a deodorant stone. Deodorant stones are made of potassium aluminum sulphate in its natural form.

Other examples include stick and roll-on types that employ the use of essential oils to provide a desired scent. Most natural deodorants do not stain your clothes. Since they are made of natural compounds, they do not leave any chemical stains on them. Your underarms also smell fresh all through since they do not clog them up. Your skin is still allowed to breath therefore leaving it feeling fresh and breezy.

Fresca Natural DeodorantsFinally, as an added advantage, some natural deodorant manufacturers use recyclable packaging to ensure no harm comes to the environment through them. This is to ensure that once disposed, they do not damage the environment in any way.

Natural deodorants can be a little more pricey than processed deodorants as they can be more difficult to manufacture, while some suppliers only make small batches.  Who is to place a price tag on your health?  Every penny spent is worth it.

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